Hardwood Installation In Odenton, MD

Learn what to expect on hardwood installation day. 


Before Installation

Knowing what to expect before your hardwood installation can help make for a more seamless process. Here are a few pre-installation steps or items to consider:

  • A member of our team will walk you through the entire installation process before the big day. They will answer any questions that you have and discuss goals, timetables, and so on.
    Before installation day, you should remove furniture from the rooms where the installation is to take place.
  • You should also have a plan for your subflooring and any installation-related waste that might need to be disposed of during the days ahead.
  • Make sure that no children or pets will be present on installation day for their safety and that of your crew.

Durig & After Installation

  • On installation day, your crew will walk you through the entire process before getting started. There are two basic methods of installation; they are glue-down and nail-down.
  • For a glue-down hardwood installation, the general process involves spreading adhesives on your subflooring and laying the hardwood planks individually. Your crew will cut the hardwood pieces to fit the layout of the room while ensuring that no gaps exist at the culmination of the job
  • For a nail-down hardwood installation, a similar process will be followed as the glue-down installation, but instead, the crew will use nails instead of adhesive.
  • Once finished, your crew will complete a walk-through with you, and you can ask any questions that you might have.
  • In the coming days, you may want to run a fan to remove any installation-related smells.
  • From there, you are free to enjoy your new hardwood flooring.


Care & Maintenance